LinkedIn Learning Free Project Management Courses

LinkedIn Learning Free Project Management Courses | Free Certificate Course 2021


LinkedIn Learning Free Project Management Courses | Also Read : Free Udemy Certificate Courses

LinkedIn Learning Free Project Management Courses, Try these free project management courses from LinkedIn Learning to become a professional project manager.

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What is Project Management?

In simple words, Project Management is simply a process of leading a team from the front where one has to use specific methods, skills and experience to attain the end goal.

Growing demand for Project Managers:

Irrespective of the industry, Project Managers have always been  in demand and it is only expected to grow in the next few years. According to a report from the Project Management Institute (PMI®), which is the professional body for Project Management, by 2027, there will be a need for nearly 88 million individuals in Project Management and its related roles. Therefore, if you are planning to become a Project Manager, then just know that you are headed in the right path.

Here, are 11 free courses for learning Project Management with more than 15 hours of content and you can also get a free certificate after completing each of these courses. 

1. Project Management Foundations

Instructor: Bonnie Biafore | Level : Beginner | Duration : 3 hours

In this course, you’ll be learning about all the basics of Project Management from constructing a project plan to managing its progress and you’ll also learn what stuff you should have to deliver a project successfully.

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2. Project Management Foundations: Ethics

Instructor: Bob McGannon | Level : Beginner | Duration : 1 hour

Ethics are integral to project participation and success. Learn how to recognize and apply appropriate ethical standards to your project management process.

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3. Project Management Foundations: Requirements

Instructor: Daniel Stanton | Level : Beginner | Duration : 0.5 hour

Learn an easy 10-step process to manage the requirements for any project.

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4. Project Management Foundations: Schedules

Instructor: Bonnie Biafore | Level : Intermediate | Duration : 2 hours

Learn how to proactively manage project schedules. Get project management tips to resolve schedule conflicts, shorten timeframes, and reduce costs.

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5. Project Management Foundations: Budgets

Instructor: Bob McGannon | Level : Intermediate | Duration : 1 hour

Learn how to manage your project’s budget—a foundational knowledge area from the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®).

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6. Project Management Foundations: Teams

Instructor: Daniel Stanton | Level : Beginner | Duration : 0.5 hour

Explore tools leaders can use to assess the character traits of team members and manage the development of teams.

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7. Project Management Foundations: Communication

Instructor: Doug Rose | Level : Beginner | Duration : 1 hour

Learn communication strategies to help you keep your projects on track. See how to create a communication plan, effectively manage project meetings, and write concise reports.

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8. Project Management Foundations: Risk

Instructor: Bob McGannon | Level : Intermediate | Duration : 1 hour

Learn how to manage project risk—a foundational knowledge area from the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®).

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9. Managing Project Stakeholders

Instructor: Natasha Kasimtseva | Level : Intermediate | Duration : 0.5 hour

Stakeholder management is key to project success. Learn how to identify stakeholder needs and expectations, both explicit and implicit, and build and sustain engagement.

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10. Microsoft Project 2019 and Project Online Desktop Essential Training

Instructor: Bonnie Biafore | Level : Intermediate | Duration : 5 hours

Learn how to master Microsoft Project, the world’s leading project management software. This training covers Project 2019 and Project Online Desktop.

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11. Microsoft Project Quick Tips

Instructor: Bonnie Biafore | Level : Beginner | Duration : 0.5 hour

Get quick answers to your most urgent Project questions. These one-minute tips help you work more efficiently in Microsoft Project, the popular project management software.

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You can make use of these free project management courses and also get free certificate after completing these courses. 



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